September 2nd, 2012

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The Ranch - Steve/Danny - PG-13

Author: willow_fae_20
Recipient: yehwellwhatever
Title: The Ranch
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Danny, Grace
Summary: After a mission goes bad, Steve returns to Hawaii and opens a therapeutic horse ranch. After a car accident and kidnapping, Danny and Grace move to Hawaii to help her heal. When their paths cross it changes all their lives for the better.
Rating: PG - 13
Content: Fluff.
Warnings: Mentions of minor, non-canon character death; characters with PTSD (including a child).
Word Count: 6,534 Give or Take
Disclaimer: All Hawaii Five-0 characters herein are the property of CBS. No copyright infringement is intended. All characters engaging in sexual activity are 16 years or older.
Author's Notes: My eternal thanks to H, S, and my husband for the beta work. Without them this story wouldn't be half as good as it is.

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