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Round 3 Master List

Hey, everyone!

So Round 3 is officially closed. We have one more gift that should be posted by the weekend, so watch for that, but consider this your official wrap-up post!

Thanks to everyone who participated, either as a writer, reader, cheerleader, or beta. Special thanks goes to annieke for stepping up to write a gift when we needed her. We couldn't have done it with out any of you. ♥

Entries will be edited with the author's names as soon as possible. Thanks again for participating and we'll see you next time - maybe this winter? Keep an eye on the community for details!

The Mods


carryokee wrote blame it on the ocean view (NC-17) for theellibu
Danny gives in, freaks out, and comes to his senses.

thegrrrl2002 wrote Pulling Down the Trees (NC-17) for pollitt
Steve's compartments are spilling over into each other.

superbadgirl wrote Hopena (PG-13) for sgflutegirl
On a Sunday outing with Grace, Danny disappears without a trace.

finduilas_clln wrote To Go Back to a Place I Felt Complete (NC-17) for simplyn2deep
Steve comes back from Japan and everything has changed, except for one thing.

burned_phoenix wrote It’s always been right there (PG-13) for annieke
Danny got hurt, again. Steve can’t take it.

annieke wrote Unwinding the Second Hand (R) for ratherastory
Danny's trying to put himself back on track after Grace's kidnapping by his former partner, but it doesn't come easy. Coda to episode 2.15, Mai Ka Wa Kahiko

sgflutegirl wrote Annoyance, Acceptance (PG) for willow_fae_20
Grace is annoyed, until an incident makes her realize that she really doesn’t mind her dads’ overprotectiveness.

dante_s_hell wrote Rear View Mirror (PG) for imaginary_iby
Steve and Danny are together. Steve takes to fatherhood quite well.

pollitt wrote On the Button (PG-13) for stellarmeadow
Steve learns he doesn't like it when the shoe's on the other foot.

theellibu wrote How can I begin to speak (when actions measure true feelings?) (NC-17) for burned_phoenix
It starts with a kiss. Well, actually, it starts with an “I love you” written in the air, but as far as Danny is aware, it starts with a kiss. A kiss and a case of seriously bad timing.

jstabe wrote No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa (PG-13) for huntress69
In the (hopefully not too distant) future, Hawaii has legalized same sex marriage and Steve is finally able to ask Danny that all important question.

heiligwasser wrote Chance Meeting (PG-13) for team_allen
It's time for Grace to learn to swim.

huntress69 wrote It Began In A Bar.... (NC-17) for heiligwasser
The battery dies and while waiting for a boost, Steve and Danny go into a club for a beer and a couple of games of pool.

willow_fae_20 wrote The Ranch (PG-13) for yehwellwhatever
After a mission goes bad, Steve returns to Hawaii and opens a therapeutic horse ranch. After a car accident and kidnapping, Danny and Grace move to Hawaii to help her heal. When their paths cross it changes all their lives for the better.

kitmerlot1213 wrote The Caper on 5th and Japip (R) for carryokee
Danny’s always wanted to write a hardboiled detective novel.

stellarmeadow wrote Getting to the Truth (NC-17) for superbadgirl
Joe makes one request of Danny, and Danny's left to deal with the consequences of accepting, and the cleanup of the aftermath of the bombshells at the end of season 2.

sylvanelfqueen wrote Pull Us Through (PG-13) for piwithapple
Steve absolutely refuses to roll his eyes at Danny, knowing it won’t help the situation any. Instead, he simply crosses his arms over his chest and shakes his head. “No Danny, I won’t forget to pick up Grace. I’ll be there at 3, just like we planned.”

eumelia wrote Tendencies (PG) for kitmerlot1213
Just because Danny wants to kick back and relax, doesn't mean Steve is going to make it easy.

team_allen wrote Right Here, With You (PG-13) for thegrrrl2002
Snapshots of a Father-Daughter cookie making tradition.

yehwellwhatever wrote (You’re Making Me) All That I Was Meant To Be (R) for finduilas_clln
Grace thinks her Danno should date Uncle Steve, so she convinces Kono to help. Danny and Steve are not as easily convinced.

simplyn2deep wrote Cuddle Away the Bad (PG-13) for ♥The Community
Hugs are the best way to make the bad go away.

annieke wrote I've Traveled all this Way for Something (R) for jstabe
Sometimes a rock is just a rock. Other times it's love.


brilligspoons wrote Their kisses are what make me live forever (PG-13) for earthquakedream
Danny has dreams about the three of them for years before he actually meets them.

ratherastory wrote Life in the Valley (PG-13) for brilligspoons
The team has some much-needed downtime at one of Chin and Kono's cousins' taro farm.

Kono/Catherine, Steve/Danny

bluflamingo wrote Pink Books (G) for alba17
An average day at Pink Books: craft books, visiting friends, and half a conversation about kids


earthquakedream wrote your flames in me (NC-17) for tailoredshirt
Steve wakes up to a surprise guest in his kitchen. Catherine shows him why this is a good thing.


imaginary_iby wrote A Matter of Trust (PG-15) for sylvanelfqueen
The more Gracie learns about guns, about SEALs and just what, exactly, Steve used to do for his country, the less sure she is that she knows him at all - and the less sure she is that she can trust him.

piwithapple wrote In Today Already Walks Tomorrow (PG-13) for dante_s_hell
Danny’s run in with the CIA was not without consequence.

alba17 wrote Scar Tissue (PG) for eumelia
Danny comes clean about why he doesn’t swim.

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