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h50_exchange's Journal

Hawaii Five-0 fic exchange
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This community is moderated by tailoredshirt, iam_space, and delicatale.

About the Community

We are an anonymous fic exchange community for the TV show Hawaii Five-0 (2010). The exchange works much like a Secret Santa exchange, with participants signing up to request a fic, then creating a gift for another participant based on that person's request. The gifts are posted by the mods and remain anonymous until all gifts have been posted.

How to Join

At this time, all posts are unlocked and open to everyone, but you are free to join.

Rules for Writers:

* By signing up for h50_exchange you agree to create a gift of fiction for someone else. This is an exchange: If you drop out of the exchange, do not turn in a gift, or create a gift that does not match the request, you will not receive a gift in return.

* You may request crossovers as long as the world of Hawaii Five-0 is central to the plot. For instance, if Doctor Who visits Hawaii and meets up with the team, that's fine. An entire Kensi/Deeks fic from Kensi's POV when Steve visits the NCIS:LA offices is not. Please use your best judgment.

* RPS is allowed, but only if all of the characters are somehow involved with Hawaii Five-0. For instance, Alex/Scott is fine, but Alex/Gabriel Macht is not.

* This is an anonymous fest, so please be discreet with the details of your assignment once you have received it. Do not post identifying details about the assignment on your personal journal, and keep sharing in private to a need-to-know basis (betas, brainstormers, etc). Do not repost the work itself until after reveals have gone up at h50_exchange. Additionally, please do not contact your giftee for any reason, even if their sign-up says that you may contact them with questions about their preferences. If they do not have a friend listed, direct all questions to the mod.

* Please understand the problems associated with dropping out of a fest. Not only do we need to find a pinch hitter for your giftee, but the gift you requested will be orphaned and the person who created it might feel as though their hard work was wasted. Please consider this before signing up for the fest and do not commit to a project you may be unable to complete.

However, if for any reason you are not able to complete your assignment, please tell the mod as soon as possible. We understand that unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise, and we would much rather know up front. Advance warning allows us to make arrangements so your recipient will still receive a gift. Please keep in contact with us if you run into unexpected delays or problems with your fic, also. We can find you a beta or someone to brainstorm with if you are stuck. We can help you ourselves if you need us to. Email all questions or concerns to h50exchangemod@gmail.com and we will reply as quickly as possible.

* There will be a mandatory check-in point halfway through the fest. An email will be sent out during the week of July 9th. If you do not reply to the email within 5 days, you will be dropped from the fest.

Submission Guidelines

* All characters present during the sexual activity (including characters not actively engaged in the sex, i.e. voyeurs, etc.) in the fics must be 16 or older. There are no exceptions to this rule. All headings must have disclaimers to this effect. Mentions of past sexual activity are acceptable as long as they are not explicit.

* Warnings are required for all potentially triggering content, including but not limited to rape/non-con, incest, abuse, and self-harm. Other content warnings are at your discretion.

* This community does not tolerate homophobic, racist, sexist, ableist, transphobic, or otherwise prejudiced ideals. Submissions endorsing these values will be rejected, and members who promote these values in comments may be banned without warning. If you touch upon these issues in your submission, please use appropriate warnings.

* Fics must have a minimum of 1000 words; there is no maximum. The work must be original and not previously posted outside h50_exchange, and should not be part of or based on a previously posted piece of work.

* The moderators will read over every fic submitted. We will be checking that the fic adheres to the request; that the heading has been filled out completely, with appropriate warnings; and for overall readability. Moderators reserve the right to return gifts that fail to meet the request of the recipient. If we feel that your fic has multiple typos, grammar issues, et al. then we will recommend that you have your fic looked over by a beta reader. Any fic that does not adhere to the recipient's kinks and squicks lists will be returned to be fixed.

* Submissions must be sent to h50exchangemod@gmail.com by the submission deadline. No revisions will be permitted after submission, except at the mod's discretion. If you have not completed your gift by this date, please contact the mod as soon as possible. Extensions may be available, but will be granted at the mod's discretion.

Rules For General Participation

* When reading and commenting, please avoid rudeness, insensitivity, and prejudice. We want this fest to be a positive experience for all involved, and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. You are not required to read anything that might squick you; if you do anyway and leave negative comments/flames, you will be banned.

* All fics must remain anonymous until the end of the exchange when writers' identities are revealed. If you guess in advance – because let's face it, sometimes it's obvious – please refrain from saying so outright in comments. If you do, your comment will be deleted or screened until reveals. Please do not discuss identifying details about your submission on your personal journal.

* Do not cross-post your submission until after the reveal.

Fest Schedule

May 23rd: Sign-ups begin
June 1st: Sign-ups close (or when we reach 30 participants)
June 7th: Assignments sent out by this date
July 9th - 13th: Mandatory check-in
August 7th: Submissions are due
August 20th: Posting begins
September 7th: Posting ends
September 13th: Reveals go up